Cycle Pro Expansion Chamber Exhaust System


Cycle Pro Expansion Chamber Exhaust System

This new expansion chamber exhaust system is one of the major keys to proper power. Gives even standard engines a great boost in power and speed.

This pipe consists of a manifold that bolts to the cylinder as normal. The main pipe has a screw coupling that screws to the manifold. You can swivel the pipe/manifold at the coupling to get the right angle etc.

This pipe comes with the manifold, the main pipe, the cylinder/manifold gasket, manifold/main pipe gasket, and the mounting brackets.

Note: depending on your bike and how your engine is mounted, you may need to bend or cut & weld to pipe the it to fit 100%. All bikes are so different. If your engine is mounted in the frame without the ‘U’ bolt large frame adaptor (with the engine directly in the frame at the front mount) the pipe will fit straight on. If you are using he ‘U’ bolt frame adaptor you may need to adjust the pipe shape slightly.

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