CPM Alloy Moped Bike Frame


CPM Alloy Moped Bike Frame

  • Made for 26″ Single Speed/Coaster Brake Wheels
  • Stem Tube: 10″ long x 6″ Diameter
  • 43″ Long x 20.5″ Tall
  • Front Motor Mount Built In
  • Built In 2.4L Gas Tank
  • Pull Brake Mounts
  • Disc Brake Ports
  • Built In Cable Ports

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Tired of looking for the right frame for your bike engine kit? If you just want to bolt up and ride without messing with cable ties or dodgy engine mounts, then the new CPM Alloy Moped Bike Frame is the frame you’ve been looking for. Ditch that old, clunky tank- this frame’s got a 2.4L gas tank built right in to it with an easy-to-use twist gas cap. The frame also cleans up your cables with cable ports running along the center and bottom of the bike, eliminating the need for ugly cable ties. It’s also disc-brake and center-pull brake ready with mounting ports for each style on the rear end of the frame. With a front motor mount that can adapt to nearly any bike engine around, the new Cycle Pro Alloy Moped Bike Frame is a lightweight, high quality bike frame just waiting for your next build!