High Performance Cylinders

We are working on a range of high performance cylinder right now. We are just doing the trialing and testing to come up with the best set ups.

There will be four different stage cylinders:

Stage 1: This is maintaining the standard port timing, but making subtle changes to enhance power, over the whole rev range. $119.00, Please contact us for more details

Sage 2: This has port timing changes and a compression raise. Some low end power is lost, but drastic top end power gains. This also comes with a modified inlet manifold which must be used with the stage 2 cylinder, $159, Please contact us for more details

Stage 3: This has more port changes and more compression. Must have high flow inlet manifold, CNS carburetor and performance exhaust (preferably a proper expansion chamber) Low speed power loss, but with huge top end power gains. Top speed and r.p.m. is dramatically increased. Be sure to have strong engine mounts and a strong rear wheel. This set up produces massive torque when the engine reaches the power band. This comes as a kit with cylinder, CNS carburetor jetted to suit, and modified inlet manifold, and a modified cylinder head. All these parts must be used together, $199 (excluding exhaust system), Please contact us for more details.

Stage 4: More or less full race. Low speed power is all gone. Must have high flow inlet manifold, Walbro or Tillotson butterfly carburetor with adjustable jets, and proper expansion chamber. This will run very poorly with the standard NT carburetor. This must be set up right. Recommended for those than fully understand high performance 2 stroke engines. This set up work specially well on the 60c engine. Engine produces all top-end power. Extreme care is need for cylinder/piston assembly. This comes as a kit with cylinder, piston, butterfly type carburetor with adjustable fuel jets, modified inlet block/manifold, and a modified cylinder head. These engines need to run proper custom built expansion chambers to function properly and to optimize the running. We prefer to build these engines from the ground up as each engine will need it’s own individual final tuning after completion.

Photos and pricing will be up loaded soon.

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